Step One

Today we went to an information session at a local foster/adoption agency. We were nervous but really didn’t need to be. The coordinator was fabulous, very open and receptive to questions. We felt very comfortable with the information presented and and are ready to move forward. 

We signed up for the next two pre-service sessions in February. Then we are on our way to being certified in a few months. We’ll have a Family Development Specialist (social worker) to help us along and complete the home study. For now, we have submitted our paperwork to be approved for foster/ adoption. We are particularly interested in what they are calling “legal risk” adoption or “straight” adoption. Legal risk are children who are close to being free for adoption but who under miraculous circumstances may be reunited with their legal family. Straight adoption will be children who are already waiting for a forever home. 

We have not shared this plan with your immediate families. We have discussed it with our friends that we’ll be asking to give references for us and a few others. Right now, it’s a very small circle for support while we enter this journey. Eventually it’ll expand. It feels safe to discuss this adventure with you all. We feel so much more relaxed and excited about this as compared to the stress and fear when I was trying to get pregnant. This offers me hope for our future family. 
Next workshops are Feb 18th and 25th. Here we go!


NYC getaway and other updates

We went to New York to celebrate my birthday! We had a great time with our friends who joined us. It snowed some on Saturday which only dampened our spirits a little. 

The 9/11 Memorial pools. If you haven’t seen them, you should if you’re in the city. It was very moving and there aren’t words to express the magnitude of the experience, especially if you remember the news stories that day. Wow!

Cruise around the statue of liberty. What an awesome view! Looking back, the tall building is One World Trade Center, very tall and it’s one of 4 world trade center buildings they are building. 

Rockefeller Center, the iconic statue. This was 10pm and there were so many people ice skating! They have much more energy than I do for that time of night.

In other, not travel news, I’m 34 years old! Wow. It feels like I was 25 just a few months ago. Time does fly. I may have mentioned that my family is of the general feeling that people over 30 should not have children. It’s a general consensus, except with my dad who had a child in his early 40s. As a result, we are not planning to tell our families about our family building plans. It’ll be a surprise if it all falls into place.

We have contacted several adoption and foster-to-do adopt agencies to get started with paperwork for home plan and start classes or whatever is needed. We are moving forward working on the home study component as that can be complete prior to a picking an agency. Plus, that’ll take some time to be completed. I signed us up for a “first steps of adoption” workshop on January 28th. Let’s get this ball moving!

Lost blog friend

I’ve been following Rebecca at Fosterhood blog longer than she’s had her daughter’s (~4yrs). I have diligently read her posts daily and, now that she has deactivated it, my heart hurts. We haven’t met or communicated privately but I cheer on her family and am watch the struggles in NYC  foster system that she shares. She’s a great writer and a good “imaginary friend” in my mind. Do you have blog people that you follow who you are attached to even though you have zero personal interaction? 

I hope she comes back some day and finds her faithful followers again. Meanwhile I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for her, the girls, and the other families stuck in the cog of foster care. 

Dog days and weird dreams

Does anyone else dress their dogs up in holiday costumes? These pups were so cute but not particularly amused at our style choices.

I love them so much though!

Chewy is our underbite wonder dog!

Emmy is Santa’s unwilling elf.

I’ve been sick and medications lead to the weirdest dreams about old jobs, strange adventures, and life goals.

One thing we put back on the table after 2 years is the possibility of parenthood. We’ll discuss more in the summer after my unit hires an additional employee so that I don’t feel so guilty about my personal life choices. More details eventually! 

Holiday baking

I love to bake, all year around! But winter time is when all my skills come out. This weekend we baked all the cookies to send to my parents, siblings, inlaws, and C’s best friend. It was exhausting but so much fun. 

We made two types of cookies that were my mother in laws favorites and that got us to talking about her. We still mention her almost daily and it’s getting less weird. 7 months went by fast, I feel like she just died. Anyway, her recipes came out delicious! The Christmas lace cookies were my favorite. We were so glad to be able to share them with others. 

Other cookies were some I make every year and a new cookie that was gingerbread with a lemon icing. Delicious! The cookies were a huge hit with our co-workers too. Office people like to eat. 

My cookies were: gingerbread with lemon icing, rugelach, cinnamon crisps, chocolate coffee crinkle, lemon raisin, and Christmas lace. I can post recipes if anyone is interested!

Feeling the burn

The tattoo burn that is!

Today I acquired my first new tattoo on ten years! It’s a bracelet of green ribbon. The Picasso peace dove is on my outer wrist and the resist/solidarity fist is on my inner wrist. It came out just as I’d hoped and it already feels like part of me. 

I feel so much desire to continue advocacy for human rights and equality, and to work towards peaceful resolutions. This tattoo is my strong/protesty self and my let’s be rational or pray about it self. 

I feel that most often peace/calm and community solidarity ate at odds but don’t have to be. Alternately, we must stand up for the injustices around us or we’ll never have peace…of mind…or anything else. 


I am terrified about these election results. I would cry if I had any tears left. I’ve been emotional about a woman being on the ticket and that is exhausting. Her name on the ballot is diminished if this asshat gets chosen to run our country. 

Things I did on vacation

We spent ten lovely days in the Twin Cities. We spent much of our time catching up with our friends. It wasn’t too full of a trip which is usually my vacation downfall. 

We went to a wedding in Alma, Wisconsin on our last full day. It was scenic and beautiful. I’m glad we were able to be there for our friend on her wedding day.

We went to the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota. It’s a random, small, free museum that I highly recommend. It’s come a long way since I was there ten years ago. Plus, free samples! 

I am 20 cans tall. Ha ha ha

We visited Stillwater, MN. It’s a cute little town with a decent shopping area. There had been heavy rains abd the area was flooded. The St. Croix River isn’t usually this high! 

This is a great scenic view taken from Mill City Museum..another must see attraction!

In all, it felt great to reconnect with my friends and get away from work. 

I’ve been feeling unorganized and coming back from vacation didn’t help. I’m still trying to get it together. Today was a big court day for my unit and I’m exhausted from all the emotions that go into these things.