Food Traditions

Do you have any food traditions with your family or friends?

For many years I hosted a queer Thanksgiving for my friends and whomever wanted to visit. I made non-traditional meals, like stuffed shells and random vegetable side dishes. However, my family meals were always what I consider “normal”. There would be a turkey, a ham, ham noodles (egg noodles cooked in ham juice), green bean casseroles, corn on the cob, stuffing and hawaiian bread rolls. The same meal year after year. My grandmother made it, my mom started making it and now I find myself wanting to make the ham and ham noodles. My siblings and I are particularly attached to this ham and noodles tradition and it occurs at family get togethers even if it isn’t a holiday.

This year I will be preparing dinner for my hubby and his mom who lives with us. I am trying to think of an interesting vegetable dish that I can make. So far, nothing is saying “cook me” and trust me, I cook A LOT, so having no ideas sucks. My hubby will make his gramma’s candied yams and we’ll have stuffing. I am also at a loss for desserts- I have NEVER made a pie before! haha. Maybe this year I will try my hand at pies. I’m great with cookies and cakes so that would be new territory. But is a holiday meal really the time to try something new? What if my pie is awful?



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