My furry kids


I do not have the laughing, crying, diaper-filling kind of kids, but these are definitely kids. Most days I can’t wait to get home and let them out of their crates. I hate that they can’t come to work with me and that they are caged for 9hrs each day. It does make our evening and weekend time awesome though. These two pups are so cuddly and playful. You can’t beat that for dogs. 

But, like human kids, they do get on our nerves. Chewy, our pug mix, is a ball of energy and is very protective of me. She doesn’t like anyone getting near me, knocking on the door, or anything that offends her. lol. Emmy on the other hand, is very laid back. She rarely barks and is always looking for someone to lay on or who will pet her stomach. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl, those two are attached. It is fair to say that we each have a dog that is more ours that the other person’s. 🙂

If we ever do rejoin the baby train, I wonder how our dogs will take to that. How would they act with a little person that needs a lot of love and energy? I like to think that they’d be sweet but the truth is, they’d be anxious because I’d have less time to cuddle and spoil them. Gone will be the days of long walks and playing with the kong for hours. 

What do you like best about your pets? 

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