I’m never sure what to title a post that is not positive. 

My dad was hospitalized last week, he has a tumor on his bronchial tubes. They originally thought it was on his lungs and we were all freaking out. Luckily the scope showed it’s wasn’t that far down. He’ll have to do chemo/radiation sometime after the first of the year. They cannot remove it with surgery because of the size and location. The day after he was hospitalized my great-aunt was hospitalized. She has lung cancer that she was keeping quiet. It has now spread and she has a brain tumor and they’re predicting 6 months life expectancy. It was a really hard week last week. On top of Dec 27 being the anniversary of my step-dad’s death – cancer. This time of year has been more serious than fun the past few years and I’m really looking forward to have at least one December where nothing crazy happens. 

There is always next year, right? 

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