I’m ready

It’s been a rough year, folks. My grandfather passed away two weeks ago. I went to Alabama for the funeral, which is decent. It is still very hard to not call him to see how he’s doing and knowing he’ll never be there with a joke. I know I’m lucky to have had him for 31yrs, some people never know their grandparents at all. I’m named after him and that is something I’ve not always been proud of but I see that differently now. However, I feel very alone now that I’m the only one with this name. Weird how that happens.

On the day of his funeral there were 5ish inches of new snow fall. It was white and fluffy and a real mess for Alabama. My great aunt died that day. Her tumor/cancer got the best of her just two months after her 6 months diagnosis. It was a rough day for my siblings and I to have two deaths in one week, one on each side of the family.

These things are unpredictable but we can make the best of it. My dad and his siblings are being a lot more intentional about the time they spend together once a week. They’ve not always been a close bunch but they’re trying. I’m being more aware of my siblings too. If my dad passed away we’d have each other and if we can’t rely on each other to share joys and pains what do we have. But, there will be no more deaths this year. We had our three and now another family can deal with this struggle.