Reflections of a non-parent

This morning I had a conversation with a 40 something woman who works in my office. We were reflecting on not being parents. She told me she gets sad when she thinks about the missed opportunity. At this stage she thinks about adoption but has health issues and doesn’t want to raise a kid alone. She is in a serious relationship  but he doesn’t want kids. I kind of feel sad for her because it’s something she wishes she had done sooner. Now it’s literally too late.

I worry about never contributing to the upbringing of a child and that makes me feel like I’m not doing my duty. I know so many kids that need good role models and stable homes. I see clients who have awful experiences with foster care or who never get “picked”. It’s really heartbreaking. We are discussing foster care currently. I’ve gotten info about classes and just need to sign us up to start. I’m not sure if we are ready but getting information isn’t a commitment, right?