Hold on to your hats

Yesterday we had our appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). We discussed our options and our history. I really like the doctor because she’s right to the point but personable at the same time. She wants us to try 3 IUI (intrauterine insemination) with Clomid and then we’ll revisit if still no luck. Perhaps I should try a new medication after that or consider something else altogether. We are excited to report that my insurance covers pretty much everything but the sperm. I know so many people who struggle with costs for fertility treatment and, luckily, I do not have to struggle. If we have to venture into IVF, we will have to figure it out because my insurance provider doesn’t cover it whatsoever. 

Now we are shopping for sperm and narrowing down what we want in a donor. We aren’t very picky but we want someone who has some physical characteristics of C. I’m not as concerned with their specific hobbies or personality. Our kid will be awesome because we will raise him/her to be that way. 

We are mentally preparing ourselves for the awesomeness (sarcasm) of Clomid and lots of early morning visits for blood draws. We are also preparing ourselves for what was once a very stressful and difficult process. I’m not always sure that I can handle pregnancy but I am willing to give it a try again. I have a mantra to try everything twice. We dedicated several years to trying to conceive and got worn down big time. We took a year off and feel a lot more relaxed going into the process. Hopefully this is our year! 

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