I feel like the calm before the storm. We have selected our donor and will put in our order on Day 1 of my next cycle. Can you believe that? It seems like a fairy tale world that we are living in. I’m sure the anxiety will kick in closer to my period. I am not tracking anything whatsoever.. no temping, no opk’s, nada. I’m going to be as hands off of the tracking as I possibly can be. That saves me stress of wondering about everything every day. Such a relief.


I’m following a few new blogs and hoping to make new blog friends. I don’t think many of my previous blog friends followed me over after my 13 month break from blogging. So, welcome new readers and Thanks to those that followed me over.


7 thoughts on “calming

    1. We follow the RE recommendation which has been 24hr after trigger shot. If I’m ovulating on my own, we’ll inseminate same day…unless the Dr has a better plan than we had the last few years.


      1. Awesome. As much as I’d love to have a magic natural pregnancy, I’m guessing we’ll go for the trigger in the next couple of months. Takes all that timing craziness out of the picture!


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