CRAFT DAY- DIY Photo Block


I got this photo block idea from:  

Today I took it upon myself to get crafty with a piece of plywood and some awesome scrapbook paper. 

To make this happen, you will need:

(1) wood – Juggling Mama used much thicker wood and made dowel stands for hers. I used thin wood and am adding photo wire and hangers to the back of mine for wall hanging rather than shelf sitting. 

(2) scrapbook paper – the sky is the limit on this one, go with whatever interests you

(3) adhesive – Juggling Mama used Modge Podge, I used Decoupage (from Michael’s) with matte finish

(4) sandpaper – to smooth out the wood if you are cutting it yourself and to make that aged look after paper is adhesed. 

(5) your choice of display devices – a photo stand, a dowel stand, hanging bracket, etc

(6) something to clip the photo to your stand – clothes pins, industrial clips, etc


– Pick your wood and smooth the edges if you are cutting it yourself. 

– Pick your paper, it helped me to coordinate what photos I wanted to use with the paper color and with the clothespins. 

– Use a sponge brush or other light brush and cover the wood with your adhesive. Put your paper on the wood and smooth out any air bubbles. Let the wood sit for a few minutes before putting the top coat over the paper – use generously, it dries clear and you want it to have a nice finish. 

– Let the wood sit for an hour or so to dry completely.

– Adhere the clips to it – I used clothespins and industrial clips. Juggling Mama posted some cute DIY clip tips. I used some fancy super glue to attach the clothespins and you must screw in the industrial clips (not ideal for very thin wood).

– Depending on what method you plan to display your photo now is a good time to do that. Screw it items as needed, drill holes as needed, etc.

– Put photos in and enjoy!

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