We have a plan

My dominant follicle was at 19.33 today and the little 10 was only an 11. Poor thing, lol.
Nurse called back to direct me to trigger on Monday night. We inseminate on Wednesday morning at 7:45. Way earlier than I’m ever in Center City but I’ll manage.    I would have liked to get it done this weekend but oh well. I’ll have to go right to work after the IUI and that’s no fun.

You know what is fun? Not temping, peeing on sticks, or dealing with fertility friend. I’m doing absolutely nothing on my own at home. I’ve left all the work in the hands of the professionals. It’s truly a weight off my shoulders. I’m not comparing my notes with what the doctor is doing and that helps me be more positive. That’s what we need right now, not the second guessing and over thinking the process.

The kid meant for us will be conceived when s/he is meant to be.


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