I have 40 millions of sperm in my body. The Dr (my awesome Dr) says 50% are motile, so somewhere around 20 million should survive and fight for my fancy egg!

While things are swimming around in there I want to take some time to complain. First of all, I’ve been bloated and achy for weeks!! My uterus feels so full that it’s uncomfortable to walk or move. No, I didn’t bring that up to the Dr today. It’s just a shitty side effect. To compound my awful feeling, I’m going on Crinone starting Saturday. I hate the evil P. It’s just going to make my bloating uterus become an itchy, fire crotch! In the summer when you’re sweaty you do not want itchy crotch issues, but too bad. This kid will know I sacrificed my own comfort to create a safe place to grow. Lol.

I’m not testing until June 18 so don’t expect much by way of early tests or symptom watching. As I mentioned before, I’m as low stress as I can be with this ttc plan.


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