My niece is visiting for the week, we just picked her up today. She lives in Alabama with my older sister and my nephew. She is 13 years old and talks non-stop. I am a chatter-box but there comes a time when I want to just relax and have quiet, alas, this is not going to be a quiet week. This is good though, I don’t have time to think about if I’m pregnant! We are testing on Wednesday morning – only 5 days away. In the mean time, we are going to go be Philly tourists, go to Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Zoo and maybe see a castle. That’s gotta be enough to make this week fly by, right? 

Because everyone is symptom watching: I have had a few days of cramping off and on, more than usual tiredness, sore boobs, one episode of brownish discharge and a few mornings of nausea. Most of this can be attributed to the gross progesterone suppositories so who knows. I’m just trying to get through that yuckiness the best that I can. 



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