Surgery day

Today my love had “top surgery” – a double mastectomy with chest reconstruction and nipple placement. It was a long awaited step in his transition and the final medical intervention. No more surgeries! hurrah! From here on out it’ll just be hormones and vitamins and that is very exciting. Surgeries aren’t cheap you know.. especially ones that insurance companies will not touch. Right now he’s hanging out in the recliner enjoying the last bits of IV meds and anesthesia. He’ll be on super relaxed activities for the next week and then he can shower and do some light tasks, like walking, and lifting a gallon of milk.

I’m so excited for him to finally feel more comfortable in his body. In a few months his chest will look great, though still scarred. Once he can get around better he’ll be feeling like a million bucks. He won’t have to wear a binder or deal with the “gross boobs” as his nurse called them. What a relief to be in a body that feels completely yours, not like a foreign vessel you are stuck in. I am so proud of him for never being afraid to be himself and go to the lengths that make him feel happy and whole. 

I’m on nurse duty today, friends are coming over tomorrow while I work, and on Friday I’ll be on nurse duty before and after my hysteroscopy. I’m sure I’ll be a little crappy feeling for a bit but not so bad that I can’t assist him. This weekend will be full of relaxing and sleeping! 

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