Things to know prior to arriving for this procedure: check that your insurance doesn’t need a referral for the procedure & surgery center, empty bladder, take 600mg Motrin 1 hour before your appt time.


After I was in my gown and hair net, I sat with a nice nurse who explained what was going to happen and to expect some period-like cramping during the procedure. Everything I had read online confirmed what she told me. The doctor spoke with me also confirming the procedure: water into the cervix to help it expand, scope into cervix, and then a few minutes of poking around. If they were too see anything unusual they’d want to biopsy it. I was calm and ready to get the show on the road.

I got into my comfy stirrups and my RE did an internal exam with her fingers. Then the usual speculum experience and POW queue the worst cramps of my life. The nurse and Dr reassured me this was normal and would be over quickly. It was only about 3 minutes, but an intense WAY WORSE than period cramps 3 minutes. Then it stopped and they let me catch my breath, I was crying and breathing hard.

She told me there was something on the bottom of my uterus and she wanted to remove it. She said we could do it right now or schedule I time to do it under anesthesia. Since I was already there and suffering I told her to go ahead. The nurse asked if I was sure because I had such a hard time with the scope. They said it would feel just like the scope, maybe a bit more cramping. For some reason, I wasn’t thinking about what the heck was inside me but about going on with the procedure. I instantly regretted going forward. The act of sucking the tissue out felt just as it sounds. My insides were being ripped out. I screamed, I kicked, I arched off the table, I was hysterical. Then it was over. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, truly. The Dr sat by me until I was calm. She asked if I was feeling better and I told her “my insides aren’t being sucked out, I feel great” and she laughed. The after part is gross because all that water has to come out. Ew!

I’m now bleeding, slightly crampy still (it was way worse for the first few hours afterward) and they say it’s all normal. The nurse will call to check in tomorrow to be sure I’m not still bleeding or in pain. I hope I won’t be! Hopefully next week I’ll have the results of what the tissue is.

My advise, if they want to remove something from inside your uterus, get the anesthesia! If I could do it again, I’d definitely have taken more meds before I went in to the office. I’d also not go alone because getting calm and un-shaky enough to drive wasn’t easy.

Send happy thoughts that nothing bad comes from my tissue!

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