Holiday Luck?

I went in today for Day 12 bloodwork and ultrasound. I had one good follicle on the right at 19.27 and a smaller 12 on the left side. My estrogen level was 341, progesterone .2, and LH 7. These all seem like good numbers. I go back in tomorrow to see if it’s time to inseminate or not. I could be conceiving this weekend! woohoo.

This is all ironic because back in 2011 I had a pregnancy confirmed just before the 4th of July. As we all know, that ended in miscarriage but still it happened! Perhaps we are meant to make a little dumpling during this time of year. Who knows? For now I’m thinking positive insemination thoughts for the coming days.

Still no call about the results from the hysteroscopy but I’m sure they’ll call me about it when I’m least expecting it.


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