Round 2 – and we’re off!

Today is day 15 and we had our IUI with my lovely RE this morning. Our swimmers were 70 million strong with 55% motility, which she says is fantastic. This is the highest number of swimmers we’ve had. I am still feeling VERY heavy in the pelvic area from the Clomid and Ovidrel shot. I hope that goes away soon because it’s so uncomfortable to move around or even to fall asleep.

When I went in Thursday (July 3) for day 13 bloodwork my #’s weren’t too different from the day before. My est was 330, LH 11.1, and progesterone still at .2. My dominant follicle on the right was measuring 21.3, so a little growth.

I will start the Crinone on day 18 (Tuesday) and continue on until we’re pregnant or not. This time I went ahead and scheduled blood test pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. We go in on July 19th for that. Time will fly right by!

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