Hostile uterus?

Catchy title, right?

Well, my uterus isn’t hostile but I do have endometritis. It’s chronic uterine inflammation, most commonly brought on by STDs, child birth/miscarriage/abortion, and mixture of vaginal bacteria. I know you were dying to know that. The RE says it’s nothing to worry about and “it’s not serious.” Well, it is serious because it generally results in infertility! If I’m not pregnant I have to start of a weird 2 week antibiotic. If I am pregnant, I suck it up and take antibiotics some time after birth. Other symptoms include weird pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding or discharge. Sometimes I have random pelvic pain but never bleeding or discharge.

I’m supposing this lingering infection is from miscarriage or IUIs. It says anything that passes through the cervix could be a contaminate. So that’s my professional opinion, ha ha. I’ll keep you posted on the antibiotics vs baby growing later this week!

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