13 days past IUI

We go for the blood test on Saturday (15 days past) and that’s okay with me. I had no intention of these 2 weeks breezing by like they have but honestly, work has sucked the life and relaxing energy out of me and before I knew it, here we were! I have not taken any home tests and I don’t plan to. We’ll just hang out and see what they tell us on Saturday. Meanwhile, today my BFF told me she’s pregnant with her 3rd. I am so excited because she was married last week to a really amazing guy that truly adores her. I couldn’t be happier that they are building a family together (she has 2 daughters and he has 1). Perhaps we’ll finally have kids the same age! lol, we’ll see how that pans out.

In work news.. today my director was back and sent an email to everyone about their office gossip. Let me tell you, folks, these past few days have been TORTURE for me. The other people in my unit are literally ignoring me. When I speak to them, they make evil faces and walk away from me. I’m not exaggerating, either. Face to face conversation is just not happening and it’s awful. Then someone came up to me to tell me that everyone was talking about me and what a “snitch” I am. One person even said “she should have thought about it before she snitched, she does have to continue to work with us.” What is that supposed to mean anyway? So I am primarily communicating with myself, not my officemate not anyone else in our unit, nada. I also spoke with my supervisor who was the victim of this fiasco and she hugged me and thanked me for being gutsy enough to say something. She is very glad that the situation didn’t drag out and that life can go back to normal. I also found out that I’m definitely moving to the general unit and that I’ll be moving offices to be with someone that actually isn’t ignoring me. Meanwhile, my officemate from hell and the town gossip will be moving into an office together. I couldn’t be happier to NOT have to share a room with both of them. I’m looking forward to some quiet and not tense office time. Imagine that!

Look for more info later this weekend!


7 thoughts on “13 days past IUI

  1. I’m so glad this all happened at a time when you’re making a transition, anyway. Our office is very gossipy and catty (the main reason why I keep to myself), but it always blows over eventually. Hopefully some time and space will give everyone some perspective.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


    1. I hope that another weekend will put extra space between the drama. I’ve been smiling and putting on my big girl pants every day. I’m not acting upset and that seems to frustrate folks. I come home and cry but at work I’m a happy duck. Lol


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