Laughter is the best medicine

Today I found out what the gossip is. Supposedly my direct supervisor (the one victimized by my co-worker) recruited me to get my co-worker fired. I went to the head defender and said my co-worker was bad mouthing our supervisor. Then she was fired. Yep, that’s the story. I went to the big boss about her complaining so I could back up the evil boss.
I thought whatever she said was more interesting than this. So, I laugh. This confirms my co-workers are fucking idiots. Why do they think she’d get fired for griping? They are immature kids and now I feel justified. Ha ha ha. I work with imbeciles. At least she didn’t say awful things about me.

3 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine

    1. I’m really good at not holding on to things but I know the feeling of being on the outside isn’t going away soon. That’s what sucks. We have a department meeting tomorrow and I hope someone in power brings up what actually happened.


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