How it all went down

I started my day with a visit to the RE for new cycle blood work, ultrasound, and talk possibilities. We’ve agreed to go ahead with this cycle. She saw no reason to postpone anything. We asked all of our questions about the antibiotics effecting our chances and what next after this cycle. Basically she says that once we have enough with the IUIs we talk IVF. There are other meds she could try but in the long run cost wise it would be very expensive. So do we go expensive meds for a while or go right to extensive IVF? This might involve robbing a bank, just saying.

Today we had our department staff meeting and the floor was open to anyone to discuss what has been going on. The only thing I said during this long meeting was “she told me she did something unethical that negatively effects the clients and she said she didn’t care because she is sticking it to the boss. If she bragged about that to anyone else you should have reported it too. What she did was wrong and it wasn’t easy.” I was speaking after people were accusing me of false allegations and breaking the chain of command. They didn’t name me but it was all in the words so I threw it out there. The discussion went crazy from that point. People were screaming at our boss for believing me, for not being transparent about why the girl was fired, for supporting a culture of gossip. Some people screamed, cried, and slammed doors as they walked out. There was so much tension and conflict. Some people apologized to me and said they didn’t know what happened and were going on half information. That was kind. One person actually spoke up for me and how hard me turning her in was but that I did the right thing. He told the whole staff he was disappointed in the childishness and couldn’t believe the things people were saying. Of course the two main gossipers did not say a word! Our director was mortified at how people treated her. Our direct supervisor, the victim, spoke about her awful treatment and how she hoped the next new hires would be different. Some felt better at the end and others felt I was lying and/or weren’t sure what to believe. I’m just glad it’s all out in the open and I don’t have to keep the truth secret.

I’m moving desks on July 31, I’m counting the days. It’ll be my last day with my awful coworker and the beginning of a not tense office and no faking nice. I can seclude myself from the bitches I don’t want to deal with. Huzzah!

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