Things just stay the same

Not long after my last post.. maybe 30 minutes… I received a really crazy text message from a number that I did not know. It was saying “This is just the tip of the iceberg, good luck working in a unit where everyone despises you.” There was some name calling in there also but who wants to memorialize that? I turned the text in to my director and HR for them to handle. I also spoke with an attorney who has referred me to an employment attorney to get some advice on this. It’s officially become a hostile work environment for me. My director told me they are having another meeting with HR next week for them to address with my whole unit what’s going on. I have no idea what the plan is for this or how to go forward.

I need to contact the employment attorney to see what are my rights and protections. I don’t know how my office is going to handle all of the intimidation that I’m dealing with. My director said they are doing everything that they can to find out whose phone # sent that to me and who is orchestrating this whole mess. I can’t even begin to think of who is the mastermind.. oh yea.. my ex-coworker!

Ugh this has been so painful and frustrating. When I’m at work I’m torn between wanting to scream at everyone and wanting to sit in the corner and cry. I think I’m going to seek some counseling while all of this plays itself out.

10 thoughts on “Things just stay the same

  1. AndiePants

    I am SO SORRY that you are dealing with this! I can’t even believe how awful people are! I’m sending you lots of calm and peace and really hope you figure something out that will make it easier for you to go to work. No one deserves to feel harassed.


    1. Thank you! It’s so hard to stay calm amid the chaos, plus dealing with fertility and meds back and forth. I’m doing everything to be professional and unemotional in the office but then I’m a wreck by the time I get home.


  2. This is just awful. I am so freaking sorry. You are absolutely right to contact an attorney. It’s definitely a hostile work environment. You are absolutely being harassed. You are in my thoughts. Keep us in the loop. I’m really interested in what the attorney says.


    1. I appreciate your kind words. I’ve never dealt with this kind of thing before (minus high school bullying) and it’s hard to decide what’s worth fighting for. It seems easier to just walk out but I really don’t want to give the office hens the satisfaction.


  3. That is horrible! Were you able to do a reverse phone lookup? You should not have to be dealing with this garbage. I hope they get it sorted out quickly.


    1. My husband called the # back from his work phone and it was a guy by a name I do not know. It went to voicemail so I don’t think it’s a fake phone situation. I think it is the boyfriend of one of my very angry coworkers.


  4. girl4182

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I know what it’s like to go to work and feel helpless. I hope that HR can sort this out. This is beyond childish and unprofessional, it’s down right cruel

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