No energy

I don’t know what’s happening but my body hates me. I’m so exhausted every day. when I get home from work I have a headache and want to pass out. It’s hard to keep myself awake until a decent bed time. I wonder if it’s the antibiotics or Clomid. I’m usually not this whipped but I’m totally useless recently.

My love says maybe the headache is from the stress leaving my body when I leave the office. Who knows? I’m just hopeful that I have enough energy to get through the remainder of the work week!

In weird news, tonight was my last Clomid dose and I dropped one of the pills down the sink! I’m such a klutz. So I guess tonight is gonna be a 50mg kind of night. I hope this doesn’t effect our chances of conceiving. We go in Saturday to see how things look then IUI possibly Monday or Tuesday.


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