Kids, the air feels clear at work!

The chief came down and met with us today, without our director present. She was really great at saying the hard things without specifically accusing anyone. People were given the chance to air their issues and why was our unit so dysfunctional. A lot of people felt they couldn’t trust their coworkers (me) or management. They mostly felt entitled to know why the person was fired, especially after it caused so much discord.
It ended with people, self included, saying we should have some kind of unity. We are so splintered that we can’t figure out how to work together. There was no suggestion of how to make that happen, just that it should. I think going forward there will be better communication about when people leave the office so it doesn’t feel so nuts.

A big bonus was several people apologized to me and I was able to give the full truth, in private, to two people. They were very apologetic and were really confused to why the fired person would lie to them about why she was fired. I told them about the text message and showed it to one person. They were very surprised and were unaware that had happened. Tomorrow I move offices and hopefully work life will get better.

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