Happy Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary. We did nothing special. We got each other a romantic card. Little did I know that I picked the same card last year! We had a great laugh at that. Next year is 5 married years, hopefully something special will occur for that landmark.


My grandmother is visiting from Michigan so we picked her up this afternoon.

My dad was supposed to have 2 lobes of his lung removed today but the surgery got pushed to tomorrow, 8/21. He will hopefully be cancer free after this. It’s very invasive and involves opening the rib cage! Scary! I’m going to visit in a few weeks, he didn’t want anyone to come down to Florida right now.

I’m going to refocus my baby energy on getting skinny. I’d like to lose 40lbs by my birthday, in January. I don’t have a plan of how just yet but I’m going to figure it out.


Wtf & Possibilities?

Friends, something is going on.

Yesterday I tested at home and got negative. A few hrs later I had bright red blood, twice. This is typically how my period starts. I wore panty liners all yesterday and today with no bleeding! Tonight I wiped and it was brown mucus. Wtf? I made C come inspect it also. He agrees it’s brown, I’m not crazy. I do have off and on cramps, not consistent with my usual pms cramps which are awful. I have no home tests and I’m now officially 14 days past insemination. Tomorrow morning I’ll call to see if I can go in for blood test to confirm one way or another. Meanwhile, I am as anxious as a rabbit in a stew pot!


No baby for us. Negative pee stick today.

We are negotiating one more try if we have the funds. Our RE thinks 4 tries is minimum given the statistics of getting pregnant. If no funds available, we are out til ivf is an option. That’s kind of scary but I do remember telling myself and blog world that I’d give this a try and quit before it consumed our other hopes and dreams.

Head ache

Today my head hurts. Literally, my scalp is so sensitive! Combing my hair was torture. It’s like my scalp was scratched with sharp nails and the flesh is raw. What does this mean?

Today is my last day in DV. I’m excited to be done with this role and get in to the next one. I’ve received a few open cases for my new role and it seems overwhelming. I’m working on being more organized so that I don’t feel flustered.

The department as a whole is really shaken up. One more person quit and another is transferring to another department. We need to hire 4 people! It feels so weird with all these transitions happening. 2 of our administration staff also quit. My supervisor says in her 30yrs here she has never seen the department be this dysfunctional. Now that’s sad to see. Nothing I can do about it but it’s worrisome.

What’s not happening

This is my first ever medicated cycle that doesn’t feel medicated. My ovaries never felt swollen, my stomach doesn’t hurt, I’m not all awful feeling from the progesterone, and my IUI wasn’t even uncomfortable. I think it is weird that this cycle is so different. Hopefully it’s a good reason not a bad one. I’m nervous the meds didn’t work and that’s why I’m having a no symptom cycle. I’m 6dpiui and feel like my normal self.
If this cycle works I’m going to be so excited. If it doesn’t, we are out for a while. We want to buy a house and we won’t be able to afford sperm while we pay down 2 bills that are holding us back from getting home loan approved. So, life is going to the a new direction one way or another!

New digs

I am settling in to my new office. I’m so glad to have such a laid back and friendly office mate. Talk about a different world from the office I was previously in. So far we are getting along swimmingly. Going to work no longer stresses me out so much! Huzzah!

We have started seriously navigating home buying. We submitted paper work for pre-qualification. The results came back and we are generally ok except for a few things on C’s credit. He has some outstanding bills from before we were together and he forgot about them. So now we’ll deal with those bills and move ahead. We haven’t picked a realtor yet but have several recommendations. First thing is getting the funds in order, then on to getting the real ball moving.
We are so adult!

Tada, 3rd try!


Today we had 70 million in our sample, with 75% motility! The nurse says it was a great sample. Hopefully this will be an excellent cycle. With my large follicle and great sample I should be lucky.
If we have success it’ll be on our anniversary, so romantic! Fingers crossed.

Follicle surprise

I went in today for day 12 blood work and ultrasound. Surprisingly, I have a 26mm follicle on the left side! That’s my largest ever and so early in the cycle. The RE thinks I may be ovulating already but we are waiting for the call about blood work results. Insemination will likely be Sunday or Monday. So exciting! I’m really surprised at how large that follicle is and I’ve had zero Clomid pain this month. Maybe the antibiotics had something to do with it?

Fingers crossed that our last stored sperm does the trick!

Update: everything looks great. Trigger tonight and IUI on Monday!