New digs

I am settling in to my new office. I’m so glad to have such a laid back and friendly office mate. Talk about a different world from the office I was previously in. So far we are getting along swimmingly. Going to work no longer stresses me out so much! Huzzah!

We have started seriously navigating home buying. We submitted paper work for pre-qualification. The results came back and we are generally ok except for a few things on C’s credit. He has some outstanding bills from before we were together and he forgot about them. So now we’ll deal with those bills and move ahead. We haven’t picked a realtor yet but have several recommendations. First thing is getting the funds in order, then on to getting the real ball moving.
We are so adult!

5 thoughts on “New digs

  1. We just started that whole home buying thing too…it’s incredibly frustrating, so good luck with everything! In NY home-ownership is MUCH cheaper than renting but it’s impossible to get approval, so it’s this vicious cycle! Hopefully, everything will be easy peasy for u guys!


  2. Yay! So glad work is improving. You were really getting the short end of the stick for a while, there. Good luck with all of the home buying! Very exciting.


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