What’s not happening

This is my first ever medicated cycle that doesn’t feel medicated. My ovaries never felt swollen, my stomach doesn’t hurt, I’m not all awful feeling from the progesterone, and my IUI wasn’t even uncomfortable. I think it is weird that this cycle is so different. Hopefully it’s a good reason not a bad one. I’m nervous the meds didn’t work and that’s why I’m having a no symptom cycle. I’m 6dpiui and feel like my normal self.
If this cycle works I’m going to be so excited. If it doesn’t, we are out for a while. We want to buy a house and we won’t be able to afford sperm while we pay down 2 bills that are holding us back from getting home loan approved. So, life is going to the a new direction one way or another!


3 thoughts on “What’s not happening

  1. If it’s any consolation, Callie felt AMAZING when she first got pregnant. She felt incredibly symptomatic every other time we did an IUI. She was bloated, nauseated, tired, cranky, and a whole bunch of other stuff. She knew she was pregnant because she felt “normal”. Who knows!!! This could be it!!!! Fingers crossed!


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