Head ache

Today my head hurts. Literally, my scalp is so sensitive! Combing my hair was torture. It’s like my scalp was scratched with sharp nails and the flesh is raw. What does this mean?

Today is my last day in DV. I’m excited to be done with this role and get in to the next one. I’ve received a few open cases for my new role and it seems overwhelming. I’m working on being more organized so that I don’t feel flustered.

The department as a whole is really shaken up. One more person quit and another is transferring to another department. We need to hire 4 people! It feels so weird with all these transitions happening. 2 of our administration staff also quit. My supervisor says in her 30yrs here she has never seen the department be this dysfunctional. Now that’s sad to see. Nothing I can do about it but it’s worrisome.

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