Where have I been

Well, nowhere but extremely busy with life. This is how fall goes, lots of business.
We are still exercising and it gets easier as we continue, though getting up at 5:45am gets worse, lol. It’s so early considering we don’t start work until 9am. Icky.
We went tubing a week ago. It was my first time and we had a blast! There were 12ppl in our group and it was a perfect size for wandering around in the Delaware River. I’d do that again.

I’m going to Florida on Thursday. I’m spending a few days with my dad. He is still recovering from lung removal and not leaving home besides going to Dr appointments. He is still in a lot of pain and will be for a while. He has a heart specialist now because his heart beat is irregular. They think it’ll adjust eventually but they’re keeping an eye on him just in case.
I’m going to Seattle in November for a conference with other leaders for this year of service program that I’m in charge of at church. I’ve never been to the west and am taking a few extra days to explore. Any suggestions, must see places? I’m addicted to planning so I’m already taking notes and mapping public transportation.

So many babies growing in this community, super happy for everyone who’s coming out of the baby closet with announcements and gender reveals!

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