On a jet plane

My weekend in Tampa with my dad is over. It was hard, folks. Seeing your parent so weak and ill is very difficult. I held myself together until my aunt picked me up this morning. As soon as I was out of his house I was crying. I hurt for him and that we can’t do anything to help him. He is in such pain on a daily basis and barely gets out of bed to socialize. He kept apologizing for not being better company but he was as good as he could have been.

My stepmother has done a lot of the work for him. I have a 15yr old brother that lives there but he’s not very helpful. I also feel like she might be pushing my dad too much to get up and go even when he is feeling awful. She was lecturing him on getting out of bed to socialize even though we all knew he was having a very bad day  This was frustrating because I just wanted him to relax and rest as needed. She thinks he may be milking the pain excuse but I don’t think so. He has a lot going on inside his body right now. Soon they have to go in and stretch his esophagus again because it’s shrinking due to the radiation treatment he had. This means difficulty eating and he is losing weight again. Such a small guy now and that’s not his nature.
In good news I was able to get a different seat on the plane so that I hopefully won’t be crowded. On the way to Tampa I had a entire row to myself. This flight I’m hoping for someone not switching into the middle seat of my row so that it’s just two of us with a chair between. Big hips do not like small plane seats.


6 thoughts on “On a jet plane

  1. I have the hardest time anytime my mom is sick. We almost lost her a few years ago, and I was positively terrified. It’s so, so hard when they’re helpless. I hope he turns a corner soon.

    I couldn’t agree more about the plane seats. There are few things more uncomfortable than being stuck on a full plane for hours.

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    1. They expect him to make a decent recovery but he’ll never work again. They will most likely have him on a variety of meds for the remainder of his life. At least in a few months he should be heavier, more energetic, and have an understanding of how his one lung works so that he’s not tired so often.

      I was lucky and no one booked the middle seat, yay. Thank goodness for little favors!


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