Family Decisions

Last night my household sat down for a little chat about the future. We don’t have these very often and actually haven’t had one since my MIL moved in Feb 2013. I wanted to talk to her about our home buying intentions as well as bringing children into the home.The three of us fleshed out a one-year plan.

We are going to attempt to buy a house within the coming year. In theory we will move to a new house at the end of 2015 when our lease is up. This gives us ample time to pay down some bills, save some money, and find the perfect house to make a forever home! I’m glad that we have a timeline for accomplishing this because the idea of getting this going has been overwhelming.

We also included my MIL in our plans to begin foster parenting classes. This is the first time that we have discussed this with her. She was very receptive to our plan and is willing to love and welcome any child into our home. This was good to hear because I was particularly nervous about this. She isn’t always the most kid friendly old lady. I told her that we will start with foster care classes soon and in a few months we might have a little person at home with us. As a family, we all seemed on the same page with what this means for our little adult only household. MIL knows that she is a priority for us, we would never stop caring for her or doing things with/for her. I think she needed to hear that she won’t become a fly on the wall as our family grows.

Now, to get the ball rolling on foster classes!

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