Fall is a busy time

Every weekend this month we’ve had a lot going on. Today we are supposed to get together with C’s old work friend and then tonight go putt-putting with his boss who is in town from England. I don’t want to do either. I’m on my period, I’m feeling very moody and I need time to prepare a presentation I’m giving tomorrow. I know it’s an asshole move to cancel 3hrs before you’re plans but I really don’t think I’m going. C is still asleep and doesn’t yet know I plan to skip the old coworker get together. I like his boss enough to go hang out tonight but I’m not interested in anything but laying in bed writing notes until 3pm.

I’m generally a social person but after so many busy weekends, working 5 days, I just don’t have any social energy left. Who knew I could experience this?

In other news, my dad is officially marrying his girlfriend of 17 years. We already consider her our step mom but I’m glad they’re making it official. The main reason isn’t love but necessity. Due to his illness, he needs excellent insurance. He has had it but two weeks ago his employer terminated coverage because he’s required to go on SSD now rather than his short term disability which allowed him to stay insured. So, after all these years they’ll get married. Of course, none of his grown kids will be there because I can’t afford to go back so soon. My brother and sister are too financially strapped to travel anywhere, ever. My brother is very upset by this marriage, he doesn’t think they really care for one another. My step mom was an evil woman when we were younger, mean to everyone in dad’s family. It’s taken a lot to move past things she said and did. He’s not over it yet. No one can make it any better for him, though, so he needs to suck it up. Lots of people thought his marriage was for the birds too. Ha ha

Have a great weekend!


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