Things I haven’t thought about

Time seems to have flown right by since we were wrapped tightly in baby-making stuff. My body is still in a weird place of not being “regular”. It has been really annoying that I am all over the place and have random aches in my lady bits. Not okay!

I have also postponed finishing my grad school application. No good reason for this other than I am too lazy to write my personal essay and order my transcripts. It’s been pushed on the fall 2015. That’s, okay right? That give me the time to think of something awesome to say. haha. Plus, I’ll be less stressed next fall, I think. We will be closer to moving into a new place and I won’t be so involved in this church leadership stuff. More free time = happier student!

I had a really great time in Seattle, not thinking about work or my usual daily life stuff. I find it very useful to have time away from my life. Sounds weird, right? But it really helps me to relax and feel not burnt out with the usual routine. I do miss my hubby and dogs and personal space and I think being away helps me to appreciate my life more. I am lucky that about once a year I get the chance to go somewhere away from home by myself. C goes away for work once or twice a year also so it’s even-steven.

Seattle2014 033

Seattle2014 051

Seattle2014 054

Seattle2014 079

Seattle2014 084


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