Baby explosion

My goodness, everyone is having babies. There have been a few announcements here in the past week and I’m so excited for everyone.

It’s a hard line to hold when you’re “moving on” and find yourself jealous and angsty about never experiencing pregnancy to term. I hope it’s a feeling I don’t suffer for the rest of my life but I fear it’ll creep back in.

What keeps your head up during the tough infertile times?

4 thoughts on “Baby explosion

  1. I don’t have any advice but I didn’t want to read and run. TTC and fertility can be such a roller coaster. Unfair, birches of a roller coaster.

    I hope you can find peace and happiness with the way things have gone for you. Hugs.


      1. Totally understand. Before we got pregnant and before we started TTC again, I went through the same thing whenever someone in my life popped up pregnant, just because I wanted a baby too and couldn’t have one yet! It sucks, for sure.


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