Food Adventures

This past week I tried several new recipes. I think the favorite for us was a Turkey pasta with peanut sauce. It’s a Thai inspired dish with a delicious peanut sauce, snow peas and left over Thanksgiving turkey with linguini noodles. I would eat that again. I also made stir-fry for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the sauce and the vegetables were also great. Tomorrow night I’m making a new Thai dish tomorrow with chicken and vegetables with a garlic sauce. YUMMY!

It’s also Christmas cookie time. Do you bake cookies? Tonight I made my first cookie of the season, a peppermint swirl. It looks better than it tastes. I think the recipe calls for way to much mint extract and it’s like eating toothpaste. I’m glad I’m sending these cookies out to relatives and not keeping them at home. haha. The next cookie adventure is a filled cookie that C’s family always makes. He’s sick and so I’m in charge of making them.. but no pressure, right? I’ve never been in charges of these before and the dough is refrigerating and I’m not convinced the dough came out right. I’ll be making them after work tomorrow so we’ll see. I’ll post photos once I have all my cookies prepared and ready to mail. My goal is a cookie a day until Saturday and then I’ll mail them off. That means A LOT of cookies!

Do you have any food traditions around the holidays?


2 thoughts on “Food Adventures

  1. My family gets together and maks Pasteles (pass-tell-ehs)…they are delicious, but it’s definitely an aquired taste. You kind of have to grow up eating it. They grind up yuca, cassava, pumpkin, potatoes, malanga, and spread the paste on a banana leaf, put seasoned pork shoulder in the middle and wrap it up (kind of like a tamale). My whole family gets together (it’s a lot of work!) and we make about 200 of them then divy them up. I love those family traditions.

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