who is invited?

Do you recall my summer work drama in which several people quit and my life got easier? Well, today was our unit holiday party. The director invited those employees to join us. Yes, she did! She didn’t tell me this. I found out when I saw them come in, together, shortly before the party. Like wtf are you doing here?

I was so anxious that I wanted to throw up. It was about a half hour before the party and I could hear them greeting people and going office to office. They skipped past mine, of course. I wanted to escape the party all together. But I went, head held high. I ended up sitting across from them. Strangely they didn’t sit at the table with us, but in a outer ring of chairs. I kept catching their eye and it was hard not to sick my tongue out or some other 3rd grade reaction.

One of them, my “friend” who turned on me, stayed in the office for several hours afterward. She was looking through old files and socializing. It was very inappropriate. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to have her in my work space when she is just a visitor. I smiled at her each time our paths crossed and tried to appear unaffected. I wonder how I did.

On my way home now, to forget about all my ills.


6 thoughts on “who is invited?

      1. Yes she was going through files on the desk she used to occupy. No one sits their currently. No one noticed she was there except one person who is in that office now. I don’t think she feels comfortable telling on the ex employee


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