Answering the call

Today C text me that his company had approved their yearly bonus. I was so excited. Then the reproductive endocrinologist called to see if we were ready to get started again. Divine intervention? I don’t know but it felt like I was supposed to use the extra money on babies.

So I said yes, made a appointment for mid-February and away we go. We’ll see what happens.


Dreaming of Pregnancy

I had the strangest dream last night..

I’ll skip the strange characters from tv and real life that were involved and skip to the main event. I’m having an argument with someone and he tells me to call down that I’m pregnant. SHOCKED FACE. I am confused and not sure how that happened but he says he’s known it for a few weeks and was waiting for me to realize it but I wasn’t picking up the signs. I started rubbing my belly and trying to process the emotions. Then I woke up.

I’ve been thinking about this dream all day and wishing that I were pregnant. Oh, the struggles of a “can’t ever seem to get/stay pregnant” person.

In happy news, by BFF’s baby is due in just 5 weeks, I can’t believe it! I am so excited, they are having a little girl (her 3rd) and her name will be Elliot. That name seems to be taking over the baby girl world. I’ve saw a few online folks name their daughters Elliot/Elliott. It’s a trending name! I need to put together some baby items to send them, cutesy things that they’ll love. Probably something specific to Philadelphia because I always send customized kid gifts to my friends.

Anyway, here is hoping for an addition to our family in 2015!

Overnight Stuffed French Toast

This is a Betty Crocker recipe. I tweaked some things and will note that below.

Make sure you made decent sized pockets in the bread or you won’t get much of the cream cheese “stuffing” in it

Cream together the cream cheese and spices. I didn’t use crystallized ginger ($17/bottle!) but instead used a little ginger and white sugar in its place.

Put the cream cheese mix into the pockets of the bread, I spread extra on top for flavor.

mix the eggs and milk together and put into your pan. At this stage I realized maybe I should have cut my bread so it was shorter and completely covered by eggs. Anyway, now you cover the whole thing and put in the fridge for 8-10 hours.

– Take out of fridge and cook 350 for 30 minutes.

Mix the orange glaze until somewhat thick and bubbly, it will taste delicious!

The baked french toast should be “golden”, check that the eggs are cooked.

Don’t forget to serve with the warm glaze for extra flavor. I served it with sausage balls. The french toast is sweet, just to warn you. It’s like a super sweet dessert!