Walking Disaster

On Tuesday I fell in the middle of a busy street. There was no ice, snow, debris. I was literally standing there and fell into the street before I knew it. This is not a first occurrence for me, I fall frequently. When I was in Seattle in November I fell and sprained my ankle and roughed up my knee. This time, I really roughed up BOTH knees and by the time I walked the one block to my office I had a knot on my leg. I called the DR and was in the office in about an hour. Fastest appointment ever!

The result: I hit a blood vessel which is why I got a knot instead of my normal bruise. The knees were pretty rough and they put some cream on them and bandaged them up before sending me on my way. The real kicker of this appointment was the Dr was very concerned with my balance – lack of. I ended up with a referral for Vestibular Therapy. She thinks something is setting my balance off and I should get it checked out. I do tend to walk slanted rather than in straight line and I run into things and fall on a regular basis. So, I’ve got to make an appointment with that specialist person to see what the heck is making me so clumsy.

Did you know clumsy is a medical diagnosis? That’s what my referral says “Clumsiness: lack of coordination.” Geez, I feel like I picked the right clown name from my “old days” – the name is Clumso. hahaha.


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