The Great Flood of 2015

On Saturday we had plans to go see a day time movie to avoid the evening crowds. Everyone goes out for Valentine’s day in this city and we knew there would be nowhere to get dinner or seats at a movie. So, we went to the 1pm showing of Kingsmen: The Secret Service. We arrived and NO ONE was there, shortly before the movie began about 20 people joined us to view the movie. It was lovely. We were eating our popcorn and enjoying the movie until about 2:45pm.

C’s phone starts vibrating and it’s our apartment complex. I check my phone and we have missed a call from his mom who is home alone. C leaves the theater to check our phones and comes back rushing me out of the theater. I’m imagining the building is on fire or some other tragic event. He is anxiously calling the apartment complex and I call his mom who is hysterical. Our apartment was drowning in HOT WATER! She had called maintenance 3x in the past 45 minutes but no one had shown up to shut the water off or help her. I called maintenance and they said “yes we have received some calls about that.” Ugh, no one had come out to turn off the water though. C spoke with management and on our 10 minute drive back maintenance was at the apartment.

We arrived to a great view:

flood6 flood5

The water had kept going from the kitchen into our dining room and living room. The carpet was removed and 5 days later replaced. They just replaced the carpet today. 5 awful days of stinky grossness and our living space crowded with all the things that needed to be dried out and returned to their proper space. The bookshelf you see here is warped and making its way to the garbage tonight. New bookshelf will be bought soon!

The kitchen was a disaster and, looking back, very amusing to look at.

flood2 flood4 flood1

The toaster was water logged. This green pitcher was empty on the counter and was overflowing with water. The side of our refrigerator, all my cute notes and the best kitchen timer ever ruined. It took hours for most of the kitchen to dry out. The under counter area was also full of water. Every muffin tin, pan, my crockpot, everything!

The culprit was the handle to the hot water. When my MIL was washing dishes the handle came off in her hand. It was a geyser! Water shooting straight into the upper cabinets and into the kitchen. It was running so long that it made it into the carpeting.

flood the cause of the whole mess

Today the carpeting was replaced completely in the dining room, living room, and our hallway. Tonight we had to put the place back together. We had moved furniture to make it easy for them and they still needed to move things around more. We no longer live in a disaster area, yahoo! I would not wish this mess on anyone. I am also sad that we missed the last ten minutes of the Kingsmen. It was a really great movie that we’ll have to catch up on at a later date.

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