Hair Evolution


Photos from top left: Aug 2013, Dec 2013, Mar 2014, May 2014                                                          bottom left: Aug 2014, Sep 2014, Dec 2014, Feb 2015

I had the GREATEST pixie cut for 2 years. I went through a “I’m going to be 30 and need to go short” panic attack. I LOVED IT. But there are drawbacks to the short style. Namely, I was mistaken for a guy during winter when I was all bundled up. I also feel like I have a chubby face and that short hair made my chubby cheeks and neck stand out more. I’m no fashionista and felt that I was not the best at accessorizing so I felt “naked” often. This is particularly true when I was wearing shirts with lower neckline that show cleavage. It is hard to explain that feeling unless you’ve been there. I don’t have pierced ears so I couldn’t wear dangly earrings to feel the void and I tend to not wear scarfs which I hear are great for filling the void.

The growing out process is not easy. I kept the same hairline in the back all along. It was taking forever to grow out the bangs and top layer to a styleable thing. Once I made it to Sep 2014 I was willing to start growing the back into more layers so that I can style that. It’s currently at a great length and I don’t have to wash it daily but it must be styled. I do not have the kind of hair that will be okay if I don’t curl or straighten it. It does this AWFUL not really wavy thing and looks oily and gross if not styled. When it was shorter, I woke up later and took a shower, put a pinch of gel in my hair and then I was out the door. I miss it but I’m also starting to enjoy the longer hair. I hate the time it takes to fix but love the feel of hair on my face. I’m sure there is a happy hair balance but I don’t know.

My least favorite hair styles were Jan-Aug 2014. Can you imagine how it feels to generally feel like your hair is freaking disaster for that long?! Feeling attractive again is lovely. Now if only I can lose some pounds and the double chin there might be hope for me!


3 thoughts on “Hair Evolution

  1. Hair is difficult. My hair looks great down, but it gets in my face and I just can’t tolerate it. Right now I’m growing my hair out because it’s almost long enough to make a donation (I got lazy and didn’t get it cut for like a couple years), so I figured I should do that.


    1. I can’t grow my hair to my shoulders or I go nuts. I always wear the front back out of my face, I hate bangs or hair that touches my glasses. Lol. You’ve got dedication to grow it for so long!


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