St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

This is my first clown year, 2012. I liked the red hair and the weather was great! Also pretty great makeup.


This is me with the St.Patrick’s Day leprechaun in 2013, so much fun


This is me with the hubby and our friend before the St.Patrick’s Day parade 2015. I like this clown makeup better than the previous year.


My college professor 10yrs ago started an Honors Civic Engagement class and part of the class is that the students become clowns and perform at various venues. It’s a really great program from what I hear. He and I have remained friends since I graduated forever ago. He now brings his students to Philly for Alternative Spring Break and they present an anti-bully clown show to local elementary schools. They also walk in the yearly St. Patrick’s parade. They have graciously included me, bought my costume, and do my makeup each year that I participate.

I think this is my last year, my costume is getting a little tight on the boobs. I suppose I could lose some weight and that would solve it but WOW, I am no spring chicken! Being in the 30 degree weather for 5 hours was awful, no sleeves, and having to pretend happy when all I want is a heated blanket and some cocoa is not easy. haha.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a munchkin and won’t be strapping him/her on for these long walks anyway. *fingers crossed*

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