The good part

I had the most painful IUI ever! Just wanted to get that out of the way. 4hrs later I’m finally done cramping and bleeding. I thought I couldn’t walk for a while.

I hate waiting 45 minutes for them to get the sperm thawed. I hate it! What good is an appointment time if you’re still going to be there way longer?!

Ok, ok. Griping is completed.

We had 80 million sperm (best count of any donor to date) and 50% motility. Not bad numbers. My Dr was indisposed so I had a Dr who is new to the practice. This guy was hysterical and really tried to get me to relax while my whole body cramped up. Afterward he joked with me that he knew I was pregnant already “we make a good team.” He he. Time will tell if he is correct.

For the first time in years they didn’t prescribe progesterone for me. Hallelujah. I’m going in next Monday for blood work to see how things are going. I guess they’ll make a decision then. This is new, the one week blood work. Had any other iui patients had this?

If I’m preggo we’ll find out on Easter and have an almost Christmas baby. It’s a sign!

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