Comprehending the incomprehensible

There is work drama.. surprise!! My supervisor who has a bad reputation for being a hard-ass, judgemental, and for making every new person’s life hell is stepping down from her position. I don’t know the specifics but I get the idea that she was told she couldn’t do the direct supervision and she decided if she couldn’t do it all she’d demote herself. So, soon she will be just another social worker in the unit.. after 15yrs as a supervisor! She says she is looking forward to having a lighter caseload and being one of us. I’m nervous. I’m extremely uncomfortable with my supervisor becoming my coworker. I don’t even know in what world she’ll fit in as “one of us.”

Today they started interviewing internal candidates. Two of the head bullies applied. This is also very stressful as both of them do not have any love for me since the 2014 summer drama went down. They were leaders in the “Billi should not be ethical” movement and said some really awful things to and about me. I am seriously thinking that I will be job hunting if either of them becomes my supervisor. I can’t imagine either of them will be professional enough to not bring all of their gossipy negativeness into the position. One of these women actually moved to a different unit after the summer drama, telling our director (supervisor’s boss) to her face “I could do a much better job at this than you.” Please let us hire an external candidate, that’d be great!

I am in need of no stress during my delicate time, this is not helping.


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