It has been 10 days since the IUI. Perhaps you’re wondering if I’m a symptom checker, I’m really not. For years I was the temperature taking, fertility friend obsessed ttc person. I gave all of that up 2 years ago when I thought we were never going to try again. When I decided to give it another go, I knew that I would not be able to throw myself back into tracking everything. I don’t even write on a calendar or in any  meaningful way track any changes. I have no idea if I ovulated when they expected me to or not. I’m that kind of “trust what the dr says and you’ll be fine” ttc person at the moment. I’m okay with that, it is a lot less stressful for me.

That said, I’ve had one consistent “symptom” for the past week – vivid dreams. Every single night I remember what I’m dreaming about in full detail. Last night I dreamed that my RE told me that I was pregnant before she even did a blood test. She said that she could just tell by my “glow.” The dream was very sweet and I cried and she hugged me. I woke C up to tell him about it and he was excited. Possible sign? Who knows. Either way, I’m going to proceed as if I am pregnant until proven otherwise. I haven’t had any coffee or soda during this 2ww! I love carbonated beverages, it’s awful. This is good news long term, if I can handle it for 2 weeks, I can surely make this a long-term commitment. My body will thank me for not loading up on caffeine so often.

I think I’ll take a home test on Sunday to give me a head start on whatever’s happening. Then Monday at 8am I go in for the official bloodwork. I got my 7dpiui progesterone and it was 13 so no supplements for me! You have no idea how excited my vagina was to know that I wouldn’t be stuffing those things in there this time. YAHOO!

Random fact – this is my 100th post on this blog.WOW!

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