The facts of the matter

It’s a fact that we are in the final IUI cycle of my great big plan for becoming pregnant. It’s very strange to think of this as the end. For all intents this could truly be the end of my journey to become a biological parent. That’s hard. Re-read that sentence. The end.

We are not willing to take out credit for IVF. We have a savings plan that could result in IVF in late 2016 or 2017. I’ll be 33-34 then, that feels ancient sometimes. We are in the house hunting stage and will be moving by the end of the year and taking out any loans would not look good before getting a mortgage. Oh, the choices we make! If only money was growing on trees.

I’m cd5 and taking femara/letrozole again. So far so good. I go back on Saturday to check in. IUI will probably be the 23rd if all looks well. Let’s hope we hit the pregnancy jackpot and it’s smooth sailing!

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6 thoughts on “The facts of the matter

      1. Yeah, I totally know what you mean. My RE didn’t seem to want to change anything between the two cycles I did with her. I had to ask to get put on progesterone. I really find I need to direct my own care and am very under qualified to do so. Although we’re at the end barring the doctor finding anything. :-/


      2. My regular RE seems to get my struggle. When she’s not in and I have someone else they’re confidence boosting personality throws me off. I’m tired of hearing “everything looks great” and want some answer for why after all these years can we not achieve and maintain pregnancy. Grrr


      3. Answers are great. My insurance theoretically covers fertility diagnostics, although I’m doing it with the obgyn because I still pay most of it out of pocket and the RE is expensive, three or four times the price.


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