Day 10 check in

Nothing exciting to report. Blood work was fine, nothing to very excited over. I had one right follicle at 21 and one left at 15.6.
I go back on Monday for day 12 blood work and hopefully I’ll be close to ovulation. This is a busy week, especially Wednesday, and with our luck Wednesday will be insemination day. Geez!

Yesterday a friend asked what the main cause of infertility is. I wasn’t sure but today I found this at the RE office.


So now you know. It’s the ladies tubes our the male factor infertility MOST of the time. Those of us with unexplained infertility are in the minority which surprised me.

On the flip side of this chart are the facts about IVF. As long as I’ve been reading fertility blogs and struggling, I thought I knew it all. I actually learned a few things. I’m sure if/when we get to the IVF stage we will hear all the facts and medical terms for everything involved. They gave us so much paperwork at the consult when she suggested we go that route. I haven’t looked at it. It’s overwhelming and perhaps I’m in denial until we are really going that road.

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2 thoughts on “Day 10 check in

  1. Wow that chart really surprised me! I would have thought ovulatory would also have been a bigger category. Well, I’m tubal and now I know I’m not that *special.* lol. Good luck this week!!!


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