Tuesday check in

This morning I went for my progesterone blood work. Results are progesterone is low. I have to start the awful vaginal supplements tonight. I could cry just thinking about it. To be honest, I have a very sensitive area and these supplements really mess with my body. I am particularly frustrated by this because I am flying to Alabama on Thursday and won’t be home until Monday. This means being out of my comfort zone with goo and discomfort and no one to say “it’ll be okay.” 😦

Good news is, I can tell myself that the progesterone is low because I’m pregnant and don’t know it yet. haha. The pregnancy cycle in 2011 my progesterone was very low and we started supplements. So, perhaps this is some sort of early sign that my body is doing something.. or I can tell myself that to keep my spirits up. On Tuesday, May 5th I go in for pregnancy test blood work. Hopefully it’ll be a positive and I’ll be suffering these supplements for many more weeks to come. It’s worth it though, I complain but damn if it keeps something happening in there, I’ll do it

I am going to AL to spend some time with my parents and siblings. My dad is coming up from FL so I’ll get to see him, my stepmom, and my little brother as well as all of my siblings! Can’t beat that with a stick. We’ll have a nice weekend with our southern accents and fried food and pretend we all love each other. Isn’t that what all families do? It’s really not that bad, we are a loud, fun bunch and when we are together we forget about all the things we may not like about one another (cough.racist homophobes.cough). I’m going solo which makes me a little sad but it’ll be okay. C will remain behind with his mom and the pups and keep things going here. I hope we get to take some kind of trip together this summer. We haven’t been on vacation in over a year.

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