Offer accepted

EEK!! Our realtor let us know a few hours ago that the seller accepted our offer. They have not officially signed the paperwork because the listing agent is weird and doesn’t know how to attach documents to an email.. but we should officially have that tomorrow! Yippee! We’ve written the first of many checks and are on track for an inspection on Thursday and then we see what’s next.

The anxiety is killing us!


Home buying

We have only been at this home-buying thing for a few months now but it really seems like forever. Today we saw a great ranch style house, which I prefer, and put an offer in! The listing agent is busy with her son’s graduation today and won’t have time to relay the offer until tomorrow!! Geez, who said people could have lives when my future home is hanging in the balance?

This house is in a suburb of Philadelphia, in a different county. The perks are a yard, decent taxes, and schools have a better reputation. There is parking that doesn’t involve paying a meter or driving around for 45 minutes!

What is it about the act of submitting an offer on a house that causes your entire future to flash before your eyes and anxiety to take over your mind? The hour leading up to the paperwork was as easy as pie but then once we know the paperwork is out there with the seller it takes over our whole thinking process and all the questions start.. what if it is the wrong house? the right house? what if there is something that doesn’t pass inspection? Are we doing the right thing?

Some photos of potential house..

exterior exterior2 kitchen

Forgetten Fertility topic

2 weeks ago the RE’s office called me to schedule a time for me to come in for extra bloodwork. All of that “special” bloodwork done on the day of my HSG came back with a very low TSH (thyroid). The nurse was very concerned sounding and literally said “this could be what’s affecting your fertility.” I could maybe want to punch her for saying that just a week after our final negative test. So, they wanted me to come in 2 weeks later to see if it is consistently low and then we’ll deal with it from there.

Tomorrow I go in for the bloodwork to see if it is consistently low. In the mean time I had basically forgotten about the appointment. Today the nurse called to remind me of my appointment and that my referral had expired… but they called my office and I wasn’t there (WHY DO THEY CALL THERE)! So, I couldn’t call them back to remind them we got a new referral in April before this one ran out and all should be well. I imagine having to go over all of this in the morning when I’m not feeling like dealing with all of their mumbo jumbo.

I’ve had several people ask “so you’ll take some medication and start trying again?” No. That is not my plan. My plan is to not try anything until we get our future sorted out, settled in a house and see where our savings are at.  We might move forward with IVF or move to alternatives. I don’t want to waste more money on IUIs that don’t work for me. So, we’ll see what’s going on and start medication if needed.

Life.. it is not so hard right?

Sorry for the silence

It’s been busy few weeks. On Sunday we put an offer on a house but were outbid. It was discouraging but we are going to start looking again in the next week or so. We are taking this weekend to spend time with friends and relax. There will be a house for us eventually.

I also cut my hair after growing it for the past year and a half. I’m not happy with the cut but will make it work. I went in with this cut in mind..


The stylist cut the top very short rather than leaving the top long enough to comb forward or to the side. It’s basically the long pixie style that I hated when I was growing mine out. Here are my 3 styles this week:




I think this last style will be my go-to. It’s out of my face and stylish enough to wear daily.

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Alabama trip recap

* My family is fantastic and hysterical and we had a really great time together. We particularly enjoy taking ridiculous photos, like enormous group selfies! This photo has me, my niece, nephew, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, dad, and stepmom.

missing a few but most of us
missing a few but most of us

* I stayed up late every night girl-talking with my Aunt (the blonde on the left side of the photo). There is a lot going in behind the scenes in our family and we caught up, shared stories, cried a little, and really bonded. I love that I am close with my aunts and uncles.

*My young cousin from Texas was able to come visit for one day! He is the child of my aunt who died a few years ago and custody is split between my aunt in the photo and his uncle on his dad’s side. He doesn’t get to spend much time with us as a whole but goes to my aunt’s (Florida) once a month and every other holiday. I haven’t seen him since he was five yrs old – curly kid in the back of group photo.

* Spending time with my siblings rejuvenates me. They are truly hysterical human beings and there is never a dull moment. Even if we are talking about the days we were literally starving as kids or making fun of things we did as kids or teens, it makes me feel stronger when we are together. The below photo is of my “little brothers.” haha. I am 1 yr older than brother in blue shirt and 16yrs older than brother in the cream shirt.

little brothers
little brothers

* I was only able to spend a few hours with my mom because she was working (and going through menopause = being miserable and making people feel miserable). We did have a great time catching up and had a girls day – mom, me, my sister, and my niece. It was fun times and we took some photos. For some reason a lot of them came out blurry but I managed to get some clear shots. (That’s my brother’s awesome pug behind us)

mom + daughters
mom + daughters

Flying home was insane. Planes were late/early and I was running from here to there with no time to pee or get a snack and was feeling so gross by the time I was home. I’m glad I won’t be flying anywhere soon, I’m so over it right now.

Supervisor Update

It’s been over a month since I wrote about the leadership change at my office, so you might want to refresh your memory by reading this post. It is official that someone within my department was promoted. She made an awkward “thanks and let’s move forward” speech once it was official. Meanwhile, the outgoing supervisor is out on medical leave for a knee replacement. While she was out, her office was moved and the other person was promoted. I’m sure she has been made aware of the situation because the rumor mill says she’s not pleased that her work BFF was promoted.

The person who was promoted is not the person who said “I could do a better job than you” but is just as bad. She has been in the office for 25 years and is a lead gossip. She’s one of those people who lives for work, has no outside family or friends. She’s got her nose in a lot of business that is not hers and is fake nice, which drives me nuts. So far she isn’t acting very authority-like.. that’s good right?

I am slowly job hunting. We are also in the hunt for a house so I’m not going to apply for anything until we get settled in a new home because who knows where that will be. I’d really like to work closer to home because I secretly hate my 1 hour commute- I only live 11 miles away but traffic is always difficult. So, we’ll see how all that pans out.

Rude comments

Before my boss left for a long weekend with her adult children she says “I can’t say happy mother’s day to you but you can say it to me!” I did it and she left. What the hell?!

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14 days later

And I’m no more pregnant than I was last week.

I kindly told the nurse that this was it for us and she was sad. We’ve had her for so long. I think she wanted to cry with me. If I wasn’t at work I would be crying. Instead I’m being tough and everything is fine.

This morning they wanted to do some special blood tests for disorders and I agreed. Those results take a while do I’ll be hearing from the nurse in a week or so. Perhaps we’ll find out I carry some weird gene that won’t let me get pregnant. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter right now.

We still have a baby fund but the more I think about it, I feel like putting $10k into IVF could be throwing the money in the trash and we should move to adopt instead. I’m scared and hurt and faulty and kind of hopeless today.

But tomorrow is a new day (and I’m done with Crinone)!

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