14 days later

And I’m no more pregnant than I was last week.

I kindly told the nurse that this was it for us and she was sad. We’ve had her for so long. I think she wanted to cry with me. If I wasn’t at work I would be crying. Instead I’m being tough and everything is fine.

This morning they wanted to do some special blood tests for disorders and I agreed. Those results take a while do I’ll be hearing from the nurse in a week or so. Perhaps we’ll find out I carry some weird gene that won’t let me get pregnant. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter right now.

We still have a baby fund but the more I think about it, I feel like putting $10k into IVF could be throwing the money in the trash and we should move to adopt instead. I’m scared and hurt and faulty and kind of hopeless today.

But tomorrow is a new day (and I’m done with Crinone)!

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12 thoughts on “14 days later

  1. Unfortunately adoption is more than 10k as well with added complications. Perhaps find out if you have a reasonable chance with ivf before deciding? I wish it was easier to figure this stuff out. 😦


    1. Yea, we’ve had a consult already but still aren’t anywhere near doing either financially. I don’t think I could reasonably accomplish any type of family building for $10k. Lol. Kids are expensive!


  2. So sorry hun…IVF works for a lot of people even though there is no guarantee..that was our biggest debate when we decided to choose IVF after 18 months of trying and being unsuccessful. You may want to google IVF grants in your area…we know several people who were given some money…It can range anywhere from medication coverage to full IVF coverage, but every little bit helps right?!?! Worth a shot!


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