Supervisor Update

It’s been over a month since I wrote about the leadership change at my office, so you might want to refresh your memory by reading this post. It is official that someone within my department was promoted. She made an awkward “thanks and let’s move forward” speech once it was official. Meanwhile, the outgoing supervisor is out on medical leave for a knee replacement. While she was out, her office was moved and the other person was promoted. I’m sure she has been made aware of the situation because the rumor mill says she’s not pleased that her work BFF was promoted.

The person who was promoted is not the person who said “I could do a better job than you” but is just as bad. She has been in the office for 25 years and is a lead gossip. She’s one of those people who lives for work, has no outside family or friends. She’s got her nose in a lot of business that is not hers and is fake nice, which drives me nuts. So far she isn’t acting very authority-like.. that’s good right?

I am slowly job hunting. We are also in the hunt for a house so I’m not going to apply for anything until we get settled in a new home because who knows where that will be. I’d really like to work closer to home because I secretly hate my 1 hour commute- I only live 11 miles away but traffic is always difficult. So, we’ll see how all that pans out.

2 thoughts on “Supervisor Update

  1. If I were you, house hunting is stressful enough without putting up with a hostile workplace. When I was looking for a house, it was just that I was continuously employed, not that I was employed at the same place that was considered important.


    1. I have several places I’m interested in applying to and will get on it as soon as we get a house. I think I can handle the work crazy for a few months longer while we figure out where we want to live.


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