Alabama trip recap

* My family is fantastic and hysterical and we had a really great time together. We particularly enjoy taking ridiculous photos, like enormous group selfies! This photo has me, my niece, nephew, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, dad, and stepmom.

missing a few but most of us
missing a few but most of us

* I stayed up late every night girl-talking with my Aunt (the blonde on the left side of the photo). There is a lot going in behind the scenes in our family and we caught up, shared stories, cried a little, and really bonded. I love that I am close with my aunts and uncles.

*My young cousin from Texas was able to come visit for one day! He is the child of my aunt who died a few years ago and custody is split between my aunt in the photo and his uncle on his dad’s side. He doesn’t get to spend much time with us as a whole but goes to my aunt’s (Florida) once a month and every other holiday. I haven’t seen him since he was five yrs old – curly kid in the back of group photo.

* Spending time with my siblings rejuvenates me. They are truly hysterical human beings and there is never a dull moment. Even if we are talking about the days we were literally starving as kids or making fun of things we did as kids or teens, it makes me feel stronger when we are together. The below photo is of my “little brothers.” haha. I am 1 yr older than brother in blue shirt and 16yrs older than brother in the cream shirt.

little brothers
little brothers

* I was only able to spend a few hours with my mom because she was working (and going through menopause = being miserable and making people feel miserable). We did have a great time catching up and had a girls day – mom, me, my sister, and my niece. It was fun times and we took some photos. For some reason a lot of them came out blurry but I managed to get some clear shots. (That’s my brother’s awesome pug behind us)

mom + daughters
mom + daughters

Flying home was insane. Planes were late/early and I was running from here to there with no time to pee or get a snack and was feeling so gross by the time I was home. I’m glad I won’t be flying anywhere soon, I’m so over it right now.


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